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The OmniGraffle stencil for TRAK provides:-

Palette for Constructing TRAK Architecture Description Views

The stencil palette provides the objects (TRAK stereotypes) together with connectors that can be used for flows (Item Exchange, Resource Interaction, Port Connection - data, energy, resource) and simple relationships from the TRAK metamodel.

It also provide a simple box that can be used to provide version and identification details for a TRAK view.

Each drawing object has a tool-tip like text that shows when you move your cursor over the object.

OmniGraffle Stencil for TRAK provides all the objects and connectors needed

To use you need to install the stencil in the place that OmniGraffle expects it to be stored. After this it's a simple matter of selecting an object and dragging onto your drawing canvas.

On the iPad it looks like:

OmniGraffle Stencil for TRAK available on iPad